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Soyabean or Soybean is a legume plant having its roots from East Asia and grows on different types of soils and climatic conditions. It has huge amount of health benefits and it is an excellent source of protein which is consumed by a large vegetarian population of the world to fulfil their protein needs. We source Soyabean from locals in Benin and store them in the warehouse, there is a link for our warehouse video in the gallery section for the same. Our warehouse has supreme quality of soyabean and we can supply bulk quantity to the buyer based on their requirement.

Types of Soyabean:

1. Soyabean Seed

No artificial GMO’s are used to manufacture this variety and is locally available to us from the farmers in Cotonou, the produce is fresh and has minimum amount of defective matter overall which makes it the best buy for Asian clients. Please visit our gallery section to have a look at our warehouse wherein we have ready stock of soyabean.

2. Organic Soyabean Seed

Gaining momentum in the international market and especially the western part of the world, organic soyabean is definitely a trending commodity in the trade business and we are proud to say that we stock organic soyabean and similar grades in our Benin warehouses where they are cleaned and packed for the buyer as per the requirements. Feel free to contact us at info@dakshoverseas.com for quotations.