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Raw Cashew Nut

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Raw Cashew Nuts

We at Daksh Overseas specializes in Raw Cashew Nut trade from Africa to Asia, we have been exporting approximately 5000 tons of RCN every year starting to our clients, associates and processors in India. We buy RCN from the bush and store them in our warehouses in Nigeria, Benin and Senegal, we also provide testing services where the buyer can show up at the warehouse and test the material then and there and sign the contract.

Providing the buyer with supreme quality of RCN is what drives us as a company and our extremely supportive partners in Nigeria and Benin help us accumulate material from the bush without much hassle and hence Daksh Overseas does not have quality issues. Our onsite quality testing opportunity is one of its kind as there is total assurance to the buyer as of what quality of material they have bought and at the same time it gives us a chance to display our ability to provide excellent quality stuff in bulk quantities.

We provide shipping to all the major ports in India and we work on different payment conditions as per requirement, mainly CAD and LC. We provide to our clients landed quality and quantity certificate from RBS, India which is a prestigious institution to do quality testing.

Types of Raw Cashew Nuts:

Nigerian Raw Cashew Nuts

Nigerian raw cashew is widely accepted by traders and processors for its good quality and longer shelf life. Season usually begins from Feb and goes up to Mid-July.


Origin Ogbomosho
Nut Count 190-195 per kg
Outturn 50-52 lbs/80 kg
Season Feb-June

Benin Origin Raw Cashew Nuts

Benin has good quality cashew nuts throughout the season and it is also widely accepted by Indian importers and processors.


Origin Benin
Nut Count 180-185 per kg
Outturn 48 lbs/80kg
Season May-August

Tanzania Origin Raw Cashew Nuts

Tanzania also produces great quality of cashew have stunning color and looks. These are a favorite among the traders and processors.


Origin Tanzania
Nut Count 195-200 per kg
Outturn 50-52 lbs/80kg
Season October-April

In addition to the above mentioned varieties we also source Raw cashew nuts from IVC, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Bissau to name a few. Specifications for these varieties are according to international standards with really good outturn and nut counts at competitive prices. We purchase directly from bushes and stock our warehouses, feel free to get quotes on info@dakshoverseas.com.