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Gum Arabic

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Gum Arabic
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Also known as Acacia Gum, It is a naturally occurring product found on the sap of trees basically extracted from Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal trees. Major producing countries are Sudan, Nigeria, Senegal and Chad and Sudan is the largest producers of the most premium variety of Gum Arabic it also a major economy driver for them.

The two types or plants from which we get Gum are

Acacia Senegal

Acacia Seyal

Uses of Gum Arabica:

1. Art and Culture:

It is used in paints to as a binder for water colors as it has the ability to not stick to paper makes it really helpful in transferring the color from one medium to another. Gum Arabica has also played a long lasting roles in pottery as it is used as a flexible agent in making mud pots by giving it better shape and size.

2. Photography, Pyrotechnics and Smoking

Gum Arabic is used to create a photographic emulsion that becomes insoluble in water when exposed to ultraviolet light. Use of Gum Arabic in firework factories is also dominant as it is used as a water soluble binder for fireworks. Another major use of Gum Arabic is that it is used as adhesive for rolling papers in cigarettes.

3. Senegal Gum is also used in soft drinks as an emulsifier and as a coloring agent in the entire food industry like coloring of candies, chewing gum and many other.

Grades of Gum Arabica:

There are mainly traded after being classified into three grades based on which plant they have been obtained and how they are cleaned and processed before being stocked.

1. Grade 1: This is the best quality gum available in the market and is obtained from Acacia Senegal tree and it is as good as the cleaned gum from Sudan.

2. Grade 2: This is the regular quality material available in the market and is obtained from Acacia Seyal and Acacia Sieberana trees.

3. Grade 3: This grade shows much darker color and comes in varied quality depending on the sourcing and hence it is much cheaper in price as compared to the other two grades of gum.

We have stocked Senegal Gum, Seyal Gum (Grades 1, 2 and 3) of varied qualities at any given time depending on the market availability in Dakar and we supply regular quantities to our buyers in East Asian countries, for additional details please contact us at info@dakshoverseas.com.