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Daksh Cashew

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Daksh Cashew

At Daksh Overseas, the most innovative practices blend with a 10+ year tradition of Quality and Performance to offer you the best in cashews. We try to understand our customers' requirements, and have not hesitated to evolve to meet them. Our business is centered on you, our customer.

We offer freshly shelled cashews, chosen by specialists, roasted to perfection and inert-packed, to protocols developed by a top US Expert in a world-class peanut-free facility and taste tested by a top US Food-lab.

Our cashew products are very well suited for use as high quality snack-nuts and food-ingredients.

We aim to be the preferred supplier of cashews to the world.

We produce cashew based ingredients for other manufacturers to use as ingredients in their final food products such as Mixed-nuts, Cereal, Snack-bars, Bakery, Confection, " Mithai","Halwa", Chocolates and Ice-Cream.

Our long expertise in cashew processing along with our stringent quality systems and ready access to fresh cashews makes us a first-choice supply-partner, whether you are looking to develop new products or for more economical supplier for your current products.

Let us know what we can do for you

If you having raw cashew nuts ready cargo or in warehouse from GHANA, BENIN, GAMBIA, BISSAU, TANZANIA, NIGERIA, INDONESIA or any african countries. Contact immediate at info@dakshoverseas.com