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  • Call: (+91) 98290-52853
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Daksh Overseas Exim Benin S.A.R.L
Cotonou, Benin, West Africa
Phone No. +229-62164969
Shree Daksh Overseas Africa S.A.R.L
Dakar, Senegal, West Africa
Phone No. +221-781082368

About us

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About Daksh Overseas
About Daksh Overseas

Daksh Overseas is operated from three West African nations namely Senegal, Benin and Nigeria. The company is founded by Mr. Mukesh Gupta with a vision of providing the cashew processor in India with excellent grade of Raw Cashew nuts and to be known as a trusted name in the cashew industry in the Indian Sub-Continent. Initially the main focus was Raw Cashew Nut export but as time went by and with the dedication and immense experience of Mr. Mukesh, Daksh Overseas now specializes in Raw Cashew Nuts, Soybean, Peanuts and Gum Arabica.

Mr. Daksh Gupta an Information Technology Engineer graduated from the prestigious Purdue University in the USA helps his father Mr. Mukesh to make company operations runs smoothly and take the business entity forward.

In addition to India, Daksh Overseas is a registered company in Benin and Senegal and that gives us immense flexibility to conduct business and provide the clients with excellent customer support throughout the shipping process. We are USFDA approved and are FASSAI registered.

Company Name in Countries:
1. Shree Daksh Overseas Africa SARL, Dakar, Senegal
2. Daksh Overseas Exim Benin SARL, Cotonou, Benin

Contact Numbers:
1. India: +91-9829052853, Whatsapp: +91-9829352853
2. Nigeria: +234-9022317704
3. Senegal: +221-781082368
4. Benin: +229-62164969

Over the years Daksh Overseas have made outstanding relationships with Traders, processors and brokers internationally that makes us conduct our business in a streamlined process all throughout the world which makes us a young and diverse enterprise.

We would really appreciate all the queries that you have at info@dakshoverseas.com